Kids Events and PD Days

At Colour On Fire Art Studio (COF) we offer educational and inspirational paint and create your own art special events and activities for kids. Kids will be having fun and be learning new art-making techniques as they work on their projects with the support of the COF studio attendants.

We have a wide selection of paint your own pottery pieces to choose from as well as various sizes of canvas and glass fusion art project materials of various shapes, colours and sizes all ready to go

At COF we offer exciting kids holiday and seasonal paint and create programs and special events. Kids enjoy art-making while also building upon their own personal art collection. Kids have a great time learning new skills and techniques in a working art studio environment.

Special Events for Kids

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Fathers Day Gift Making
Paint a mug or special plate for DAD!
$30/child | 2pm-3:30pm
Includes snacks, drink and mug created by YOU!

Call 403.460.1089 to register, registration holds your spot!

Mugs will be ready in time for Fathers Day!

PD Day Art Ventures Program 2016-17

Looking for a fun, creative place for your kids to go on PD Days At COF we have FULL and HALF day programs available!

PD DAYS at the end of JUNE: June 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30

Check your school calendar and register!

No Refunds - Studio Credit Only

*Check out our Winter, Spring and Summer Camp Dates!

PD Days Art Ventures for 2017-18 school year start week of August 28, 2017!  Click to see 2017-18 PD Days!

Full Day:
Drop Off: 8:30am
Pick Up: 4:30pm 
Pack indoor shoes, lunch, water bottle and snacks for
morning & afternoon

Half Day:
$59/half day
Morning Drop Off:
Pack indoor shoes, water bottle and morning snack
Afternoon Drop Off:
Pack indoor shoes, water bottle and afternoon snack.

2016-17 Dates:

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