About Us



Colour On Fire Art Studio and School (COF) is a non- profit association which offers learning accredited art education classes and programmes for students both in-school and in other community based locations.

COF also offers art education classes, “fun art” workshops and unique special events for people of all ages and abilities.

We believe:

- in the power of creativity and innovation

-that it is important for personal growth to learn, experiment with art-making and understand visual literacy

-creative practise and thinking develops confidence and helps people of all ages succeed in many areas of their life

Our Mission

Colour On fire Art Studio & School offers superior quality student-centred art education classes, programmes and services at an accessible value added price. COF actively finds innovative ways to inspire, engage and connect people of all ages to art and art-making.

COF values art-making, having fun, learning, innovation, creativity, making connections and community building.

COF actively helps to improve the quality of life in our community through partnership building and by investing in Calgary community Initiatives.


Colour On Fire Art Studio & School is now offering Zoom and Google Meet virtual art classes and events between April 1 and August 31, 2020.

Call 403.542.0178 or email info@colouronfireartstudio.com for more info.