Art-To-Go Kits


COF Art-To-Go KIT to Your Location with NO CONTACT DELIVERY!

Art-To-Go Kit

Colour On Fire Art Studio and School will deliver door to door anytime anyplace with our special Colour On Fire Art-To-Go kits. 

You can choose pottery or canvas perhaps both! We have many different types of pottery to choose from and three different size canvases. 

Each kit will come with all of the art supplies and materials you will need to complete your project. You keep all art materials not used for your own use.



POTTERY: We provide high quailty ceramics in many different styles which you paint with our beautiful non-fire paint.

Choose:  Unicorn, Dog, Cat, Splash bowl, Tiles, Flowerpot, Cup Cake Piggy Bank and more! Call us for other ceramic selection information.

Includes: Selected ceramic piece, brushes, mixing plate, non-fire ceramic paint, pencil and eraser.


CANVAS: For canvas painting you can choose either watercolour or acrylic paint for your project.

Choose: 8" x 10" 9" x 12" 16" x 20" – Watercolor or Acrylic paint

Includes: Selected canvas size, brushes, mixing plate, selected paint type and colours, pencil and eraser.


CLEAN UP: When you are finished wash your brushes with warm soapy water and lay them flat to dry and don't forget to make sure the paint lids are on tight!


COST: $28-$32 per art kit which includes your choice of canvas or pottery and all of the art supplies you will need to complete your art project.


COF Art-To-Go at Your Event or Location of Your Choice

Invite us to join you at your special event- COF brings the excitement to you as well as a tote with all of the art materials and supplies you will need. We organize, set up, coordinate and support the entire creative process from start to finish. It is simple and can be booked for a minimum of 2 hours or longer if you prefer.

Cost: Price varies based on art project selection i.e. canvas etc.

Booking fee: $50/ anywhere within Calgary Limits.

COF is a learning accredited art studio